NOTE: All orders placed during June 1-9 will be shipped out starting June 10

The Launch

Late one night at 3am, I decided "I'm going to start a tea business". And about 5 months later, it's here -- Kin Leaf Tea. Thank you to everyone who believed, financially supported, and professionally helped me. It definitely tested my imposter syndrome, perfectionism and patience, but I feel so grateful to launch knowing I did everything I could with my very few and limited resources. It took a village to get me here and I can officially call myself a tea lady. BOOYAH! 

Special shoutout to my Day 1 Backers (no particular order):

  • Brianti W.
  • Teddy K.
  • Marissa N.
  • Calvin W.
  • Mel S.
  • Cristina S.
  • Mindy K.
  • Jesse F.
  • Jenny Lei (Founder of Freja New York)
  • Kristi T.
  • Quscondy
  • Joanna L.
  • Mieko T.
  • Nicole S.
  • Finley M.
  • Kim N.
  • My Broski

Special mentions:

  • Ky Anh Truong (Founder of VN Link Solutions) -- my cousin who has helped me financially and professionally with the ins-n-outs of business finance + administration. 
  • Joshua -- my partner who listened to me go off about the million different failures of sustainability, carbon calculations, designs, and soothed my doubts with endless encouragement every damn day.