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Q: Why isn't the Lychee's Pearls blend tin filled to the top?

A: Each tin is filled based on the measured ounces or serving size. The pearls are denser than the other leaves by nature because they are hand-rolled into spheres. The weight is the same as the others, they just take up less volume. Additionally, the brewing measurements for this blend are less than the other blends due to density as well (ie - 1 tsp per cup rather than 1 tbsp).

Q: Do you offer returns?

A: Please review all items carefully before a purchase is made as all sales are final, including orders not yet shipped. All items in your cart are listed for review before purchase. If you have an extenuating concern, please use the contact us page. 

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping rates for items from the shop will vary by service type and weight/size of order. Refer to the checkout page for accurate shipping and handling amounts. 

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: We use a variety of different shipping methods that will be determined by several factors including the weight/size of your package, the type of package, and the shipping destination. Please note shipping timeframes do not include time needed to fulfill your order. We are mainly operated by one person, please allow 2-3 business days to fulfill in addition to your shipping time and longer during peak seasons. Thank you for supporting a small business -- we appreciate your patience!

Q: How do I repurpose my packaging?

A: You can peel off the label cleanly and reuse the tin jar for other airtight purposes or anything else your heart desires! Our shipping box is no frills and our shipping labels are 100% recycled with no toxic ink (heat printed). Even our tape was taken into consideration. Both the shipping box and the tin container can be reused and/or recycled in your curbside bin, no need to go to a specific facility :)