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Our Story

Have you ever noticed that if you're not present with tea, it quickly becomes bitter, cold, or maybe you don't even notice the subtle flavors and notes? The whole process of brewing tea forced Violet to reevaluate her busy-bee habits and racing thoughts. After falling deep in love with tea while working at a boba shop, Violet began to take her morning tea ritual seriously. How she started her day set precedent for the rest of week and mindful/slow living was tremendously beneficial to her mental health and life.
After solidifying an intentional morning routine, Violet started delving into all the different brewing methods, cultivars, and tasting as many tea flights as she could. Frustrated at trying so many brands that were either unaffordable or lacked quality and depth, she was determined to find a balanced solution for the budding tea enthusiast. 
After spending several years refining her tea cabinet, recommending her favorite harvests to friends and family, she started experimenting with blending – and that's when Kin Leaf Tea began growing roots. Tea has always been present during meaningful moments in her life and she hopes that these blends can be there with you alongside all your special moments too.