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Lychee's Pearls
Lychee's Pearls
Lychee's Pearls
Lychee's Pearls

Lychee's Pearls

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Fruity | Lively | Floral

Hand-rolled jasmine pearls, scented with vibrant lychee (no rose! ;). Reminiscent of inviting neighbors over for tea + fruit offerings, this blend is inspired by the sweet rendezvous culture of jasmine tea. This medium caffeinated blend is a refreshing twist on an essential and embodies true hospitality.

Origin: Fu Ding, Fujian China

Brewing Instructions + Measurements

35+ servings (1 mo+ supply) | 3 oz

1 tsp | 8-10oz | 175° F | 3 min

Rebrew 1-2 times*

* - Our leaves are high quality and can be infused multiple times while still retaining flavor and depth. The second brew should be steeped slightly longer than the original time. The minimum serving size estimate is calculated based on only one infusion.

Q: Why isn't the Lychee's Pearls blend tin filled to the top?

A: Each tin is filled based on the measured ounces. The pearls are denser than the other leaves by nature because they are hand-rolled into spheres. The weight is the same as the others, they just take up less volume. Additionally, the brewing measurements for this blend are less than the other blends due to density as well (ie - 1 tsp per cup rather than 1 tbsp).


  • Our shipping box is no frills and our shipping labels are 100% recycled with no toxic ink (heat printed). Even our tape was taken into consideration!
  • Both the shipping box and the tin container can be reused and/or recycled in your curbside bin.
  • Want to repurpose your tin? We made sure the labels can be cleanly removed -- try it yourself!

This blend is dedicated in memory of furbabies Lychee & Longan who will always be in our hearts. May we meet again in another lifetime.

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